Nest Plus API is a plug-in provided by Thomson Reuters for semi automated trading.

You are required to choose any one subscription plan from the two.

1) Semi Annual Rs.1313

2) Annual Rs.2150

To subscribe for API plugin, please send an email to [email protected] from your registered email ID. You will be intimated through email after the activation confirmation received by Thomson Reuters(Omnesys).

After the subscription, customer support related to Algo Trading is handled by GDFL.


  1. madhan

    option transaction charges is very high (Rs 7150)compared to other broker (Rs5300-6000)

    so once u drop the charges we will consider to join with u..

    1. Trade Smart Online Article Author

      Hello Madhan,
      We understand your concern. But in addition to the NSE transaction charges there are clearing charges too. However, we’ll check with the clearing member to reduce the same too. In case of any changes we’ll update all.

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