Given below is the list of trading holidays for NSE, BSE and NSE FNO for the calendar year 2016.

Sr.No. Holidays Date Day
1 Republic Day 26-Jan-16 Tuesday
2 Mahashivratri 07-Mar-16 Monday
3 Holi 24-Mar-16 Thursday
4 Good Friday 25-Mar-16 Friday
5 Dr.Baba Saheb Ambedkar Jayanti 14-Apr-16 Thursday
6 Ram Navami 15-Apr-16 Friday
7 Mahavir Jayanti 19-Apr-16 Tuesday
8 Id-Ul-Fitr (Ramzan Id) 06-Jul-16 Wednesday
9 Independence Day 15-Aug-16 Monday
10 Ganesh Chaturthi 05-Sep-16 Monday
11 Bakri Id 13-Sep-16 Tuesday
12 Dussehra 11-Oct-16 Tuesday
13 Muharram 12-Oct-16 Wednesday
14 Diwali Balipratipada 31-Oct-16 Monday
15 Gurunanak Jayanti 14-Nov-16 Monday

Following Holidays are falling on Sunday:-

Sr.No. Holidays Date Day
1 Maharashtra Day 1-May-16 Sunday
2 Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti 2-Oct-16 Sunday
3 Diwali Laxmi Pujan * 30-Oct-16 Sunday
4 Christmas 25-Dec-16 Sunday

* Muhurat Trading shall be held on Sunday, October 30, 2016 (Diwali – Laxmi Pujan). Timings of Muhurat Trading shall be notified subsequently.

Trading holiday for MCX and NCDEX for the calendar year 2015.

No. Holidays Date Day Normal Session (10am-5pm) Evening Session (5pm-9.00/9.30pm and 5pm to 11.30/11.55pm)
1 New Year’s Day 1-Jan-16 Friday Open Closed
2 Republic Day 26-Jan-16 Tuesday Closed Closed
3 Mahashivrati 7-Mar-16 Monday Closed Open
4 Holi 24-Mar-16 Thursday Closed Open
5 Good Friday 25-Mar-16 Friday Closed Closed
6 Dr. Ambedkar Jayanti 14-Apr-16 Thursday Closed Open
7 Ram Navmi 15-Apr-16 Friday Closed Open
8 Mahavir Jayanti 19-Apr-16 Tuesday Closed Open
9 Buddha Purnima 21-May-16 Saturday Closed Closed
10 Ramzan Id (Idu’L Fitr) 6-Jul-16 Wednesday Closed Open
11 Independence Day 15-Aug-16 Monday Closed Closed
12 Ganesh Chaturthi 5-Sep-16 Monday Closed Open
13 Bakri ID (ldu’LZuha) 13-Sep-16 Tuesday Closed Open
14 Dusshera 11-Oct-16 Tuesday Closed Open
15 Muharram 12-Oct-16 Wednesday Closed Open
16 Diwali – Laxmi Pujan 30-Oct-16 Sunday Closed Open*
17 Diwali — Balipratipada 31-Oct-16 Monday Closed Open
18 Guru Nanak Jayanti 14-Nov-16 Monday Closed Open
19 Id-E-Milad (Prophet Mohammad’s Birthday) 12-Dec-16 Monday Closed Open

*Market would be open for Muhurat Trading, timings for which will be informed separately.

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