All payout requests will be processed as per below schedule

Mode of request Segment Request day Cut-off time
BOX All segments Mon – Fri 7:00 am
NEST Trader/NEST Web/Sine Mobile/Sine web  All segments Mon – Fri 11:59 pm


1) All Pay-out requests placed after Friday 7:00 am till Monday 7:00 am will be processed on Monday and you would get your funds to your bank account as per RBI settlement cycle.

2) In case there is any clearing holiday, your payout request will be delayed by one more day.

Kindly refer Important points regarding payout processing for more information.


    1. Trade Smart Online Article Author

      Hi Narayan,
      If you have placed payout from BOX, go to My profile and click on edit option. It will give you Modify or Cancel option. Kindly note that your request can be cancelled/modified only if the status is in “Pending”. If the status is in “Processed” then you cannot cancel/modify the request. Kindly share your client code and the payout amount, we will check whether the request is placed from trading software/back office(BOX)/web-based portal.

  1. vishal singh

    Sir apko payout me kitna time lagta h sabi vomony ka to 2 hiur me ho jata h bua apko morning se 6 hours ho gye h. C code YUPV99
    Sabse bekar services.

    1. Trade Smart Online Article Author

      Hello Vishal,
      It seems that you have sent payout request in the late evening hence it go delayed. Request you to send payout request before 5pm to get faster payments.

    1. Trade Smart Online Article Author

      Hello Obamavic,
      Since currency market closes in the evening at 5:00pm, we process payout in the evening after the billing is done at around 6:00pm. This NEFT will be processed in the first cycle of RBI on next day morning, around 8:30am. Generally NEFT transactions would take 3-4 hours from the RBI cycle, to get credited to your account.

    1. Trade Smart Online Article Author

      Hello John,
      Hope you had placed your payout request on 4th October morning. All payout received till 5pm will be processed on same day after 5pm. Since you have linked ICICI bank, you got the credit on the same day evening. In case of other bank other than ICICI, you would have received on 5th morning.

  2. Dinesh Kumar

    Ytnd08.. I had raised a payout yesterday for 70 k .however u guys have processed for my balance AMT of 1428 instead of 70 k. I hv again raised a payout today. Please process it correctly this time and pls process it ASAP.

  3. Ravipudi Chandu Kumar

    Hi SIr,

    I have linked ICICI bank account. done a payout before 12:pm on 30th November 2017. today is 1st Dec 2017 i have not received the amount in my account still.

    1. Trade Smart Online Article Author

      Hello Ravipudi,
      The amount has been debited in your trading account. There could be some process involved due to month end. You would receive the funds by today. Kindly let us know in case you don’t receive the same by today.

    1. Trade Smart Online Article Author

      Hello Pawanjit,
      As per the payout schedule we process the payout in the evening. According to your ledger the payment has been credited to your bank account. Please let us know in case the amount is not received.

  4. prasanth

    Hi Team,

    I have raised payout request via Sine portal yesterday before 12 PM. I have still not received payout.
    My id YKAJ04 and linked with ICICI bank. Can some one please look into this.

    1. Trade Smart Online Article Author

      Hello Prasanth,
      We did not receive some of the files from exchange. Due to which we were unable to update the client’s ledger. We will be processing the same today. Kindly check your bank account by today evening.

  5. Vijesh

    Hi Team,

    My payout request is still pending . Request was made on 2018-01-12 09:43:00.
    Client ID YMH372 and linked with ICICI Bank account

    1. Trade Smart Online Article Author

      We would like to inform you that, the above said reason occurred again i.e. some of the files are not received from the exchange itself. Hence, we were unable to update the client’s ledger on Friday too. We shall look into it and try to process your payout request as soon as possible. We apologize for the inconvenience.

  6. Saloni

    I had requested a payout on 4th January
    It still shows pending status till date
    My client id is YMHS950
    Would be glad if this gets resolved asap!

    1. Trade Smart Online Article Author

      Hello Saloni,
      Please confirm where are you able to see the status as Pending. We will check the same. Payout request placed on 4th has already been processed. Kindly check your registered bank account.

    1. Trade Smart Online Article Author

      Hello Bhagwat,
      The figure it shows is correct. You sold some value of stock on 9th. As per the exchange settlement cycle, you will get this money from exchange on T+2 trading days. i.e. You will get money from exchange on 14th February. You may place your payout request on or after 14th Feb, considering 13th is the exchange holiday.

  7. Ravindra Kumar

    I have requested for payout on 19th Feb 2018 late night however i have not received funds till 8 PM on 20th Feb 2018. My ID is YHAR51.

    1. Trade Smart Online Article Author

      Hello Ravindra,
      Your payout request has been processed on 20th itself. Kindly check your bank account. We would suggest you to place your payout request before 5:30pm to get your payout faster. Since the request was placed late night on 19th, the same was processed on next day i.e. 20th Feb. Please let us know in case you have not received funds to your bank account.

  8. Syed Meraj Fatmi

    I want to pay out some money to my account.. plz tell me, should I proceed through BOX or by SINE app.. I m in hurry.. by Monday I needed.

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