1. Abdul Majeed

    your brokerage could have been 0.007% or Rs.15 flat per order – which ever is lower. then there will be no need of these plans above. making it crystal clear brokerage terms. but this is kind of silly.. its time to update i suppose. All your policies, softwares etc seem to be matching your competitor Z***dha but not the brokerage. Even though they charge 20 but they have an option of lower percentage too. Just my concern.

    1. Trade Smart Online

      Hi Abdul,
      We understand your concern. In order to be more transparent, we have bifurcated the brokerage plans to make it more clear. However, we shall look into it and check for the best possible way. Thank you for your suggestion.

  2. KM Nair

    where can I get detailed break up (rate, percentage etc) of other charges (other than brokerage), shown deducted in the Contract Note (STT Stamp duty, service charge, GST etc).

    1. Trade Smart Online

      Hi Kannan,

      Could you please elaborate on your query over high transaction charges for options so that we can check and assist you.

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