EQ: It stands for Equity. In this series intraday trading is possible in addition to delivery.

BE:  It stands for Book Entry. Shares falling in the Trade-to-Trade or T-segment are traded in this series and no intraday is allowed. This means trades can only be settled by accepting or giving the delivery of shares.

BL: This series is for facilitating block deals. Block deal is a trade, with a minimum quantity of 5 lakh shares or minimum value of Rs. 5 crore, executed through a single transaction, on the special “Block Deal window”. The window is opened for only 35 minutes in the morning from 9:15 to 9:50AM.

BT: This series provides an exit route to small investors having shares in the physical form with a cap of maximum 500 shares.

GC –  This series allows Government Securities and Treasury Bills to be traded under this category.

IL –    This series allows only FIIs to trade among themselves. Permissible only in those securities where maximum permissible limit for FIIs is not breached.



    1. Trade Smart Online Article Author

      Hello rsh123d,
      Whenever you place sell order, change instrument type from EQ to BE and then place your orders. Please get back to us in case of any further query.

  1. Thambidurai

    When can I square off my BE series shares if I purchased today[minimum holding period]? Can I close the position tomorrow?

    1. Trade Smart Online Article Author

      Hello Thambidurai,
      As per exchange’s T+2 settlement cycle, you are required to keep shares for 2 days. You can square off your shares after you get the delivery from exchange on T+2 days. However, you may buy today and sell tomorrow but before that we would recommend you to know the risk involved in BTST(buy today sell tomorrow) trades that may cause short delivery.

  2. sridhar

    stocks is in EQ series since it is over demand & continuous upper freeze it is converted to BE series
    my doubt is when this BE series will change to normal EQ series

    1. Trade Smart Online Article Author

      Hello Sridhar,
      Changing of series from EQ to BE or vice versa is depend on exchange decision. We cannot comment on this. We update the stock list every day. If the series is changed then the new effect will be shown in the trading software.

    1. Trade Smart Online Article Author

      Hello Kiran,
      The above article has been updated with different series. Please let us know in case of any further query.

  3. Rupesh

    Hi, i purchased 100 shares from BSE @ 250 rs, now the price is around 206 rs but in NSE BE series show’s 249 rs. can i sell the stock on NSE BE @ 249 Rs.

    1. Trade Smart Online Article Author

      Hi Rupesh,
      If you have delivery shares in your demat account then you can sell shares in NSE BE series.

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