This may occur if your bank account has been debited but the status of your payment is not updated.

Payment Gateway: Payment gateway transaction is not received by us due to connectivity issues or closure of browser the cycle is broken in between. The status of such transactions is temporarily updated as ‘Request Sent’ under the ‘pay-in status’ link of your account.

Also please note, in case of NEST Payment gateway it will take minimum 48 working hours to verify the transaction details. Once verified, the client’s limit will be updated accordingly.

NEFT/RTGS: It depend on the RBI settlement cycle in which you might receive late payment due to some reason or there might be chances of fund reversal to your bank account.

Cheque Deposit: You may also receive a debit notification from your banker when cheque is deposited but you do not receive money to your trading account.

Further, in all such cases please e-mail us the screenshot of the particular transaction on We will endeavor to update the status of your transactions on best effort basis.


    1. Trade Smart Online Article Author

      Hello Ganesh,
      Rs.300 has been already credited to your account. Kindly login your trading terminal to check the balance. We would also request you to transfer the funds during business hours so that we can check the status and update you immediately.

    1. Trade Smart Online Article Author

      Hello Praveen,
      Kindly let us know the date and mode of payment. We shall check and get back to you.

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