Your order was rejected because you selected the incorrect product code for your order. The following product code should be used for trading different market segments.

MIS : For intraday trading in Cash/Equity, F&O and Currency Derivatives. MIS stands for Margin Intraday Square-off.

CNC: For Cash/Equity Delivery orders. CNC stands for Cash And Carry.

NRML : For carry forward position in F&O and Currency Derivatives. NRML stands for Normal Product.



  1. Hari

    I tried multiple times to place an FnO order… between 3 15 and 3 30.. all fields were correct still got error and rejected order saying: RMS:blocked for OPTIDX B Pro/cli CLI nse_fo NRML Broker-09643 Expiry Date 2015-06-25 block type- NOn-SQROFF

    1. Trade Smart Online

      Hello Hari,
      It seems like you were trying to buy an option which was expiring today by placing an order in the NRML product. Today is the expiry of June 2015 contract and there are very heavy STT charges if a buy position in options expires in-the-money.

      Many are not aware of these high STT charges. Hence to save you this cost, on the expiry day we allow only MIS trades on the option that is expiring. In case you wish to keep the position overnight you may do so in the next month’s expiry.

    2. Prakash

      Every time i buy 7nr retail share it shows error stating Script entered is restricted from creating fresh position… Anyone can advice what it means

      1. Trade Smart Online

        Hello Prakash,
        Please share your client code and the date of this rejection. We shall check the issue and get back to you.

  2. Prasanta Sarkar

    I have purchased some shares two months back. Now whenever I want to sell those shares every time the order got error and rejection and the reason stated as below:
    RMS: Blocked for S bse_cm NRML broker-13605. block type:Non-SQROFF
    Please suggest how can I sell those shares.

    Prasanta Sarkar

    1. admin Article Author

      Seems like you are trying to sell the shares in NRML product. To sell stocks from your holding you should use CNC product.

  3. Murali M Prabhu

    Hi am getting “RMS:Blocked for B account- 776187 bse_cm CNC block type: NON-SQROFF” while trying to buy karnataka bank share. Tried buying in BSE & NSE order got rejected. Can anyone guide me on this?

    1. Trade Smart Online

      Hello Murali,
      As per the rejection, it seems that you tried placing order with wrong product type. We also need to check in what scenario the order got rejected. Hence, request you to send a screenshot with order details and your client codes to Our team will look into it and resolve your query

  4. Murali M Prabhu

    Hi am getting “RMS:Blocked for B account- 776187 bse_cm CNC block type: NON-SQROFF” while trying to buy karnataka bank share. Tried buying in BSE & NSE order got rejected. Can anyone guide me on this?

  5. Balachandran

    I have purchased infra bonds in 2011 and now i am see them in my demant account under NSE. But when i am trying to sell those bonds, getting the below error: 01/01/1970 05:30:00: NSE New Order Rejection: Your Sharekhan OrderID-640875644 and Exchange OrderID-1100000003082484 NEW Sell 4 Quantity for Rs.7730.00 IDFCNA has been REJECTED by the Exchange for CustomerID-1245341.

    Could some one guide me on this..?

    1. Trade Smart Online

      Hello Balachandran,
      It seems you have an account with Sharekhan and not in TradeSmart. If you have an account with us please share your client code which starts from “Y”. We will look into your trades and let you know the reason of rejection.

    1. Trade Smart Online

      Hello Ricky,
      Kindly let us know your client code that starts from “Y”. We are unable to find your ID as2125. Alternatively, you may also contact us on 022-61208000 Extn:3 and get your query resolved from our executives.

  6. Suraj NIkam

    I bought shares in SBI demat T5 days trading but now when I tried to sell them it shows an error saying “Blocked for S online T5 NSE_cm NRML Block Type:- NOn-SQROFF

    1. Trade Smart Online

      Hello Suraj,
      Seems you do not have an account with us. Script cannot be squared off due to some reason. Request you to check with your broker. In case you have an account with us please share your client code which starts from Y. We will check and get back to you.

    2. Rohtash Goyal

      Rejection reason -RMS:Blocked for STEELXIND nse_cm Remarks:Due to UNSOLICITED SMS STOCK LIST block tipe: NON SQROFF meaning how can i sell this stock

  7. Srinivasa Reddy Parakala

    Hi, YAPP39, SREENI,I want to short banknifty in option index.but always getting rejected,pls tell me how to place order, for both segment PE & CE,

    1. Trade Smart Online

      Hello Srinivasa,
      To short banknifty in options you are required to maintain margin money into your account. If the required balance is not available then your order gets rejected. Kindly contact our customer care at 022-61208000 to know your trading balance and more about the order rejection.

  8. bani

    there is one query regarding of one share .. it is ESL .. i have taken this share two days before .. now in unable to see this share in my list .. also unable to send order.. security is not allowed to trade .. this massage i got ..

  9. gurusankar sanjeevi

    i am buying a share, it is rejected. he showing this comment, what is meaning? RMS:Blocked for bse_cm BO block type: ALL

    1. Trade Smart Online

      Hello Ravi,
      Your account is activated in unlimited brokerage plan. In this plan the BO and CO order types are not available. Hence, you were facing the issues while placing CO/BO orders.

  10. Janardhan Reddy

    When I try to buy SBI and ICICI it rejected …. Reson. Rms:margin exceeds; required:4.60:ava availa:0.00 for entity account-2058562-08061 across exchange across segment across product… Please kindly help me…..

    1. Trade Smart Online

      Hello Janardhan,
      We have checked your account, it seem there is no balance in your account, hence the order was rejected. Kindly call our customer care to know your account details. You may also take help of chat support available on our website.

    1. Trade Smart Online

      Hello Vijay,
      Please let us know what is the rejection reason shown to you. Or you may share your client ID, we will check and revert to you.

    1. Trade Smart Online

      Hello Kalpesh,
      Seems you might be having account with other broker. In case you have an account with us, please share your client ID. We will look into your issue.

  11. Shailesh Satasia

    I tried to buy share but all time rejected and reason is Normal product block for web client_A all
    ID is YGJS150

  12. Parthu Reddy

    I am getting Error Like Below
    RMS : Blocked for 531307 bse_cm SRK broker- RKSV block Type : ALL

    Is there any Solution PLease Reply……..

  13. Shrey Aggarwal

    I am getting error like below-
    RMS : Blocked for B GOLD nse_cm NRML Block type :non SQROFF

    Is there any solution please let me know

    1. Trade Smart Online

      Hello Shrey,
      You might be placing order using NRML product type. Please use CNC (Cash-N-Carry) and let us know if still you’re facing issue.

  14. Biswanath Pratap Shah

    Sir i am getting error like RMS: Block for Account Remark:KYC_Redo Type:Non SQROFF
    So Sor, please help me with a solution.

  15. Shripad Kulkarni

    One of my order (one order from four placed in closed options stategy for july monthly options) in upstox was rejected saying RMS Blocked Ill liquid contract. where shall I look for ill liquid nifty option contracts on NSEso as to avoid in future trading orders

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