AMC is charged only towards demat account and is free for the first year. Rs.300 plus GST (Goods & service Tax) @ 18% is charged annually from second year. For applying Demat AMC, a year (365 days) is calculated from the day of account opening.

Kindly note there is no AMC for trading account.

Demat AMC is debited to the extent of credit balance available in the trading account. The remaining amount is debited as and when the account gets credited.
Example: Suppose an account which is subjected to demat AMC has a credit balance of Rs. 200. In such a case Rs. 200 will be debited from the account and the remaining balance will be debited as and when the account gets credited.




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    I asked to close my account as I am not active user, still system deducted 354 INR. Why?
    Please, help me to close the account.

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