Dart stock is the desktop based trading terminal for active traders. The application provides Real-Time Market data, news and advanced tools & functions and wide ranging capabilities to spot opportunities and stay on top of Market movements.

Key Features in Dartstock

  1. Advanced charts: 4 chart types, over 50 indicators, 10 line studies
  2. Powerful Scanners: The scanners can be filtered by a pre-defined or user created watch list. Users can set any number of scrip specific alerts and view them all centrally under Alert Manager
  3. F&O analysis tool: Live Rollover, Option chain, OI Gainers & losers, PC leaders and laggards etc., Option variance and graphical representation of OI across strike price
  4. EOD analysis tools: Over 25 End of day reports to help users understand which scrips witnessed significant movement based on various criteria
  5. Customizable Workspaces: Users can create their own workspaces by combining different information windows
  6. Others: Preconfigured dashboards, Data visualization tools, News etc.

Dartstock comes with many other important features. To know more, please check the Video. You can also go through User Manual for more details.

How to access Dartstock?

  1. Download and install the application
  2. Login with your existing login credentials

Prerequisites for Dartstock Application

  1. Microsoft dot net framework 4.6 and above
  2. Microsoft c++ redistributable 2008

Introductory offer

There will an additional charge of Rs. 5 per executed order applicable when placed through Dartstock. However, we have waived off these charges for some time.


    1. Trade Smart Online Article Author

      Hello Surendhar,
      There seems to be some pre-requisite issue while installation. Kindly check with your broker. If you’re Trade Smart customer, please call us at 022-61208000 and get your issues resolved.

    1. Trade Smart Online Article Author

      Hello Harsh,
      We guess, you have wrongly posted on Trade Smart page. Kindly check the same with your broker.

  1. Uddhav K Deshmukh

    I have demat a/c with Upstock & I can not see the dartstock charts on my pc ,after download. Please help me

    1. Trade Smart Online Article Author

      Hello Sanju,
      Kindly share the error that you are facing while login. We shall check and update you.

    1. Trade Smart Online Article Author

      Hi Singha,
      Currently trading through Dartstock is free. However, there would be Rs 5 per executed order shall be charged in coming days.

    1. TradeSmart Article Author

      Hello Jeet,
      Sorry to hear that you are facing such issues. Generally, an error message “unable to load trading components please contact the administration” is displayed when pre-requisites for running the Darkstock trading application is missing in your machine. Please refer to this link for finding the pre-requisites required for Darkstock trading application.

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