Demat transaction charge (DTC) is charges only on delivery sell side and not while buying. You will be charged Rs.15 plus GST (Goods & service Tax) for each scrip, per day on date of selling whenever you sell a scrip on a delivery basis.

Ex: You are selling delivery shares of SBI 100 qty on Monday at 10am, 50 qty at 11am, 10 qty at 2pm. You will be charged Rs.15+ GST of DTC for SBI scrip. On the same day if you sell any other stock with any quantity, you will be charged again Rs.15 DTC. Totally, you sold 2 stocks(scrips) on a given day, hence you are required to pay Rs.30 for that day.



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    1. Trade Smart Online

      Hello Chanpreet Singh,
      When you buy any shares through your trading account, you are not required to transfer shares to demat account. It will automatically be transferred to your demat account after the settlement of T+2 days.

    1. Trade Smart Online

      Hello Shanu,
      Demat charges are charged on sell side for equity delivery based transactions. This is charged for providing the services of depository. Services like, when you buy shares, your broker deposits the shares into demat account. The same way, when you sell, the shares need to be given to exchange. This charge is a source of revenue to the Depositories & its participants. Similar to how Exchanges charge Transaction fee, Brokers charge brokerage, Depositories & DP’s charge DP charge.

    1. Trade Smart Online

      Hi Sorabh,
      Demat transaction charge is not applicable to intraday trades. It is changed only on sell side for equity delivery trades.

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