All the statutory charges and brokerage related to trading can be found in our Brokerage Calculator.

Other charges not covered in the brokerage calculator can be found below:

Particulars  Charges (In Rs.)
Demat AMC 300 plus service tax
Demat AMC for corporates 800 plus service tax
Physical contract note / other statements etc 20 per contract note + Courier Charges
Trade on phone 20 per executed order plus service tax
Offmarket transfer (DP) 25 plus service tax
Demat transaction charges 15 plus service tax
Account opening charges 500
Cheque dishonour charges 200 per instance
Inter DP transfer 25 plus service tax
Dematerialisation 500 per certificate
Additional charges for BSE 1 per executed order plus service tax
Share Pledge In 200 per scrip plus service tax
Share Pledge Out 200 per scrip plus service tax
NEST Instant fund transfer charge 8 plus service tax
Third party fund transfer charge 400 For refund in 2 working days
KRA Modification 35 plus service tax
EquiMax funding facility 1000 plus service tax per year
Stock Pledging for Margin against shares 60 per scrip per day plus service tax
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    If i buy 1 lot Bank Nifty Futures @17000 and sell 1 lot Bank Nifty Futures @17000. What will be the stamp duty charges ?

    1. Trade Smart Online

      Hi B Venkatesh,
      In the example provided by you, the total turnover is 850000(425000 buy turn over + 425000 sell turn over). If you reside in Tamil Nadu, stamp duty is Rs.51. For other state the stamp duty charged is Rs.17 for 850000 turnover. Please refer our knowledge base article for all the Statutory Charges.

  2. Rajat

    If I buy 100 shares @ 100 Rs per share and sell @ 110 Rs per share .
    Subtracting the charges shown in your brokerage calculator and stamp duty are there any other charges which will be included if I want my profit amount in cash within a week.
    (Means are there any other charges also for getting the money in cash or getting transfer in bank account)

    I am new in stock market. Plese need more detail.

    1. Trade Smart Online

      Hi Rajat,
      In case you want to sell any delivery of shares then would require to pay demat transaction charge of Rs.15 per scrip. This charge is applicable only on delivery sell side and not applicable for intraday sell.
      Please go through List of Charges that are charged other than brokerage calculator charges.

      You can place your payout request after two days you sell the delivery shares as the settlement cycle is T+2 days. For placing payout request refer our Payout Schedule.

      If you are new to stock market, kindly follow the link to learn Basics of Trading and Share Market.

    1. Trade Smart Online

      Hello Tejas,
      Brokerage charges depend on which brokerage plan you select for trading. Please calculate all the charges from our Brokerage Calculator link by selecting different brokerage plans.
      Brokerage Calculator

    1. Trade Smart Online Article Author

      Hello Siva
      The charges mentioned by you include clearing charges too. Looks like that could be the reason for the difference.

    1. Trade Smart Online

      Hello Prateek,
      Once the account is opened, you are required to select at least one brokerage plan among the three.
      1) In case of 0.7 paise plan, brokerage for 1 lot of Nifty is Rs.7.
      2) In Rs.15 per executed order plan, brokerage would be Rs.15.
      3) In 3999 unlimited plan, you do not have to pay any brokerage as Rs.3999 will already be deducted for entire one
      month on account of unlimited trading for that month. In case there are no any trades for that month, 3999 will be refunded to your trading account on last day of the month.
      Please refer Brokerage Charges article for your Knowledge.

    1. admin Article Author

      Hello prasuna,
      It seems you may be referring to the Share Pledge In/Out charges. If that is the case, please understand that the Pledge In and Pledge Out charges are something totally different. Please visit our article What is Share Pledge and how do I apply for it? to learn more about the pledging service.

      There are no separate charges for pay out of shares. Only when you sell a share in delivery there’s a small charge of Rs 15 per scrip per day. This charge includes the CDSL charges too. All brokers charge the demat transaction charges but most bill it at the end of the month. This may cause confusion for you as you’ll have to go back and check the different contract notes to check the amount charged. Hence in order to increase the transparency we charge it on the day of the trade itself.

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    1. admin Article Author

      Hello K V Rao
      If you are referring to brokerage, please visit the pricing page on our website.

      You may also try our brokerage calculator to see a breakup of all the charges including the statutory charges.

      Please let us know in case you have any other questions.

    1. Trade Smart Online

      Hello Satish,
      Most brokers apply delivery charges on a monthly basis for the transactions done in the entire month. This may become difficult for you to tally the amount at the end of the month. We believe in transparency and making things easy to understand. Hence, we deduct these charges on the same day whenever you sell delivery shares.

  4. Arshiya

    If I call and trade !..(intraday)
    If I buy 500 shares of biocon @850 and sell @ 880 wat will be the all over brokerage charge.

    1. Trade Smart Online

      Hello Arshiya,
      For each executed order we charge Rs.20 call-n-trade charge. In your example, there are two orders buy and sell. Hence total call-n-trade charge will be Rs.40. Regarding total brokerage, it depend on which brokerage plan you choose. In case you select Rs.15/order plan, for each order we only charge Rs.15 irrespective of the quantity you place in one order. In case of your example, your total brokerage would just be Rs.30. For more information on total brokerage charged in various plans, you try our Brokerage Calculator.

    1. Trade Smart Online

      Hi Bhushan,
      Stock pledge from BOX for getting higher intraday exposure would cost you just Rs.60. Stock pledge for taking bank loan would cost you Rs.200. There could be some confusion to you here.

    2. admin Article Author

      Moreover, it is not a per day charge. It is on a per transaction basis. So if you pledge the shares today and let it stay pledged for 2 months, pledge charges will be Rs 60 only and not more.

    1. Trade Smart Online

      Hello Dinesh,
      IBTNEST1 is the brokerage charge in case of Rs.15/order plan.
      Ex: Suppose your IBTNEST1 is showing 180 then you must have placed 12 orders. Hence, your brokerage would come to 15*12=180.
      Hope we addressed your query.

    1. Trade Smart Online

      Hi Chirag,
      Brokerage charges depend on which brokerage plan you have selected. Since, the example that you quoted is a small trade, let’s consider 0.7 paise plan. In this plan you will be charged Rs. 1.05 in case you have placed your order in intraday(MIS product type). For delivery trade(CNC product type) your brokerage would come to around Rs. 10.50. You may check brokerage and statutory charges applicable, from our Brokerage Calculator.

    1. Trade Smart Online

      Hi Vijaya,
      Changing mobile number is made very simple. Login into BOX, go to my profile and send your mobile number change request from edit option available in front of mobile number. Please let us know in case you need any assistance.

  5. Chandu


    Lets consider I Bought and Sold ACC for Rs.1400.30 & Rs.1405.75 resp. in Intraday. And the Volume is 100 shares. Can you tell me what is the exact charges I would be paying, I mean in figure which includes Brokerage, STT, Stamp Duty Transaction Charges etc. For your info, I am from Andhra Pradesh.

    1. Trade Smart Online

      Hello Chandu,
      Brokerage charged is depend on which brokerage plan you have selected. Let’s assume you have activated 0.7 paisa plan. In case of your example, the total charge that can be charged to you is around Rs. 75. You can calculate brokerage from brokerage calculator for all your trades.


    when contract note charges are applicable?
    Third party transfer charges?
    share pledge charges? Is others charging

  7. sumesh

    I am selecting 0.7 paisa plan, In that option will be charged @ Rs 7 .So , if I buy 1 lot & exit the same day what will my total charges be ( Don’t tell me to use the Brokerage Calculator )

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